2020 has been turned upside down by global pandemic.

This is the story of God’s Church rising as one in 2020, united to see vulnerable children receive the spiritual, physical, socio-emotional and economic support they need to thrive.

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Clare Steele
Compassion Australia CEO

This year for me personally was always going to be different and full of change.

A new role as Compassion Australia CEO, a new home in a new city, new people and experiences. I did not anticipate that 2020 would be so different for all of us, right across the world.

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Jesus is at the heart of Compassion. His love for the marginalised—and His power to change lives—are why Compassion exists. More than 2.1 million children have the chance to hear the life-changing message of His love thanks to the help of friends like you. He is the ultimate source of hope: both for the immediate and the eternal.


More than 8000 local Christian churches in Africa, Asia, Central America and South America are on the frontlines of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name—building relationships with children and families, meeting urgent nutrition and healthcare needs, encouraging and growing them spiritually.


More than 80,000 generous Australians like you help to meet the specific economic, physical, socio-emotional and spiritual needs of every individual sponsored child. As a sponsor, you’re personally connected with a boy or girl who knows your name and treasures the knowledge that you care about them.

Poverty looks different for each child, but our goals stay the same: good health, good skills, good relationships—and the opportunity to hear the Good News.

Andrea and Nova

new children were sponsored by Aussies this financial year

Angelo, Sri Lanka
Angela, Philippines
Ester, Honduras

children are sponsored through Compassion Australia

Karuna, Indonesia
Lina, Colombia
Debora, Brazil

new child development centres launched by Australians

Ahianor, Togo
Ahianor, Togo
Eleazar, El Salvador
Genesis, Honduras

children are now being released from poverty by the global church

Critical Need Highlight

Every Compassion assisted child will, at some point, require care beyond sponsorship’s reach. Your support through Critical Needs ensures children can overcome the barriers of poverty and truly thrive!

Mums & Babies

Melanie is passionate about nurturing mothers and babies—from Melbourne to Mbulu, Tanzania!

A renowned dietitian and influential speaker, Melanie funds a Compassion survival project to give vulnerable mums living in poverty a new hope.

Through access to prenatal care, birthing support and education, these mums have a community of support to share their trials and triumphs, to laugh and learn new skills together.

Melanie McGrice, Nutrition Plus

“I wanted to see [the work] with my own eyes,” says Melanie." was blown away! It’s not just about good nutrition—it’s about education and long-term health for these mums. It turns their lives around."

Melanie McGrice,
Nutrition Plus

Thank you for your support of Critical Needs across the world for safe water, safe homes and buildings, skills training and income generation, and more.


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Facilities for PAR

Improve sanitation and disease-prevention by providing additional WaSH facilities for 12 frontline church partners.
A$0.00 raised of A$47,200.00 goal

COVID-19 Response Intervention

Giving Disaster relief assistance to targeted beneficiaries who needed most so that they could safely stay at home and maintain their health and well-being in the new normal condition during Covid-19.
A$0.00 raised of A$466,100.00 goal

Skills training and resource centres for 750 children

Support the cognitive development of 750 children through availing books and study materials and equipment for skills training.
A$0.00 raised of A$93,300.00 goal

You can make a powerful impact by funding a Critical Needs project today—and thank you for your prayerful consideration to meet the needs of vulnerable children.

Your support enabled local staff to continue to meet children’s most urgent needs—even when COVID-19 restrictions forced churches and child development centres around the world to close their doors.

In just three months, from April to June, Compassion supporters around the world helped to distribute...

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Cases of Medical Support
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Hygiene Kits
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Food Packs


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